As a result of her art school training, Barb is knowledgeable about color psychology and can help clients make informed decisions about their color schemes. For instance, reds tend to stimulate the appetite and blues tend to decrease it.

Crafting Spaces with Soul and Style

And she creates rooms keeping all the principles of interior design in mind including balance, focal points, harmony, good proportions, and rhythm which makes them a pleasure to be in. Many kitchens lack a focal point. A basic principle of design is to have one primary point of emphasis in each room. Without any emphasis a room is boring and with too many competing for center stage it’s unsettling.

Although Barb works in a wide variety of styles from contemporary to traditional, it’s her artistic approach that distinguishes her projects.

Depending on the client’s preference, the artistic component could be:

Bold by installing gorgeous hand painted tiles

Unique by incorporating a favorite collection, painting or sculpture, or

Subtle by using fun lighting or beautiful hardware.