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Dreaming of a Stylish & Sustainable Kitchen or Bathroom?

If you live in North America and are dreaming of a sustainable kitchen or bathroom, I have an unconventional recommendation on where to start the process. Although most kitchen and bathroom designers suggest starting with the flooring or counters, I suggest starting with the cabinetry.
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On Solid Ground: Sustainable Flooring Choices

Whether you are building or renovating a home, flooring is a major decision. It has an outsized impact on how your home looks and feels. It can also have a large impact on your indoor air quality and the environment. This blog will make it easy for you to assess which of the many eco-friendly flooring materials is best for you while also providing a few design tips.
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How to Design an Intelligent and Sustainable Dining Room

After reviewing the research on the many physical and psychological benefits of people eating together, Delistraty (2014) suggests that eating intelligently means eating meals, even simple meals, with your family, roommates, or friends. I agree and would add that eating sustainably is also intelligent.