Kitchen & Bathroom Design Process

Barb saves clients (and residential designers who don’t specialize in kitchens and baths) time and agony because she can do all or most of the decision making and planning. For example, a new kitchen typically involves specifying appliances, cabinetry, countertops, edging, fabrics, flooring, furnishings, hardware, lighting, outlets, plumbing and wall treatments.

Barb can simplify what is normally a very complicated process and help make it an enjoyable one that results in a room that functions well, looks great, and suits the clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

CKB Process 1

FREE 30-Minute Consultation

During the initial consultation at Campau Kitchen & Bath (CKB) we discuss what your ideal kitchen or bath looks like and how it functions, whether a mid-range or premium budget is most appropriate, peek at samples, and answer any questions you may have.
CKB Process 2


If you decide you would like CKB to design your kitchen or bathroom, a retainer applicable towards cabinetry is required prior to the next step being scheduled.
CKB Process 3


Barb will come to your home to take detailed measurements (unless it is a new construction).
CKB Process 4

Design Meetings

During the first of typically three meetings, Barb will suggest options for the primary components such as cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. During the second meeting, 3D images of your space will be viewed. At the third meeting, Barb will make suggestions for additional components such as lighting, plumbing fixtures, and hardware.

CKB Process 6


Barb handles all the logistics involved in ordering the purchases you approve and arranging their freight, storage, and delivery.
CKB Process 7


Installation can be done by your General Contractor or Barb is happy to recommend one instead.
CKB Process 8


With your permission Barb will arrange to have your beautiful new rooms photographed!

Sustainable Residential Interior Design

For clients who care about stylish sustainability, Barb offers full service interior design for other rooms too. The flat fee, based on square footage, includes two meetings, drawings, proposals and the handling of freight, storage, and installation.